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About Us

Contractor Training Coalition, Inc. is a non-profit trade association of social entrepreneurs who believe that businesses should do something to make the world a better place at the same time as they do business.  We aim to collaborate together to restore harmony and mutual respect to our communities, while taking positive actions to help lift struggling little firms.

We bring Money Smart teachers, reputable contractors, and small business coaches together from all across the USA to provide a safe and affordable place where you can practice promoting your business, conduct marketing research, and learn or polish your job skills.    Founded in 2014 by managing member firm's owner, Rolaine Stoddard, to help struggling firms figure out how to afford to comply with the national building safety code regulations, especially in upstate and western New York.  If you are in regulatory compliance trouble with your taxes or have an unsafe workplace, or you just want to see struggling firms be able to stay in business plus make money ethically. join us.  It doesn't need to be so hard to own a small business in New York state and elsewhere.

If you need to find a replacement career due to illness or injury, we can help you to find your niche and new customers!  Or we can help you to brush up on your job skills so it doesn't take you so long to find a new job!

Why You Should Join Us

* People who struggle to understand the Money Smart financial literacy workshops can find answers to your questions here.  Ask the teachers or your fellow learners.

* We host accessible, digital home study labs, in many different languages to help you overcome disabilities or English language learner barriers.

* We help you learn how to apply the concepts taught in those workshops, using popular cloud technology.

* You can brain storm solutions here to find feasible and wise answers to your business pains.

* You can find others interested in collaborating with you to carry out your favorite charitable cause (no bullying nor divisive political campaigns please)

* We can help you start or fix or grow a small business.  We are currently recruiting paid or volunteer peer tutors and mentor firms.  We seek neutral, 3rd party building or commercial kitchen exhaust systems inspectors.  We seek academic skills building peer tutors.  We will train and support with client referrals, a network of virtual administrative assistants. 

* Our mentor firms can earn cash by offering private tutoring appointments to job-seekers or troubled firms.

* Our volunteers can earn a volunteer's living stipend to make it possible for you to afford to volunteer.

* Our Money Smart learners can earn cash learning incentives.

* We promote self-sufficiency.  We don't give grants nor handouts, but we can help you learn how to work to improve your situation by making wiser decisions.  

And if you can't afford to pay for your private tutoring sessions with a mentor firm or peer tutor, you can volunteer at one of our partnering charities to earn training scholarships in lieu of paying.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for your interest in making the world a better place.  Together, we can collaborate with each other to heal our own communities, create or sustain new job and business opportunities, and make buildings across New York state safer places to live and work, Come be part of our efforts to restore unity of purpose, harmony and mutual respect to our communities.  All while ethically making money at the same time.

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